Q-Less Vash Outfit - SOLD

Vash was a great character introduced in TNG as an archaeologist while Jean Luc Picard was on vacation on Risa. "Vash had discovered the Tox Uthat, which artifact thieves were determined to take from her; with Picard's help, the thieves were thwarted. During this adventure, she and Picard fell in love."

"They met up again in the episode "Qpid," in which Vash became annoyed on finding that none of Picard's senior staff had even heard of her, despite his explanation that he is "a very private man." Q abducted her and the Enterprise senior staff, casting them into a Robin Hood scenario, with Picard playing Robin Hood and Vash as Maid Marian. The result was Vash leaving with Q to the Gamma Quadrant, to scour archaeological sites there."

This last part explains her return in DS9 2 years later in the episode Q-Less.

As mentioned in my previous post, the encounter between Sisko and Q did lead to a fight scene "mano a mano" between them.

Vash did seem to enjoy that moment watching the fight while talking to Quark.

This is the outfit she was wearing during that part of the episode and it is a perfect match with my Q and Sisko boxing outfits.

Gold Plated Reliant on display - SOLD

Most would remember those nice Gold Plated ships that you can see in the movies.

Especially when displayed in 10 Forward and smashed by Picard in "First Contact".

Somehow they should have had also non-Enterprise ships on display like the Reliant from TWOK but luckily it wasn't and therefore it wasn't smashed either.

Some time ago, that model was for sale on Ebay. Those being on high demand, really didn't expect to win with my bid and in fact... I didn't win it. Someone overbid me.

Then a few days later I got a second chance offer as the buyer didn't pay for it.

Of course I jumped on it and accepted the offer.

This is now the Reliant on a custom made display base:

Bashir (Hero) - Terran resistance - DS9 Mirror Universe

Quite some time ago, had the opportunity to buy the Bashir Mirror Universe costume. Even though it was "just" a stunt one, I was very happy to display it as Bashir had quite a role along the few Mirror Universe episodes.

Then later on the Hero went for sale at Propstore and unfortunately, being during my night, I couldn't snatch it before someone else did. A bit disappointed as it was the Hero of course but it also had the holster which I was missing but not the boots. Somehow those must have been misplaced as they were sold at IAW with both costumes unless it was another IAW issue. Will never know.

Afterwards the buyer decided to sell back this costume on Ebay but at that time was a bit expensive for my taste as the seller was adding the cost of boots replicas he did made for the costume.

I was still in contact with the buyer on and off... well mostly on from me and off from him but at least I did know where the costume was. I was still thinking strongly on switching for the Hero costume but had to get my finance in order first as we were buying a house and doing renovations at that time.

Was almost ready to do the jump when I got the opportunity to buy it from another source that was giving me the favor to get it knowing I was collecting those. Without this help, that costume might have disappeared and I would have kicked myself for not moving faster.

Strange how life can give those twists from time to time.

So here is the Hero with the holster:

The Holster is a perfect fit for a Ferengi handphaser (white version) which I'm lucky to have as well.

   Those are the missing boots which I will replace with the stunt ones.

Next step is to sell back the stunt costume with the boots replicas to recover part of the investment.

If it doesn't work out, then I even think of keeping the stunt to wear when finally I would have the chance to go to a Star Trek Las Vegas con.

Klingon Mask

Got this mask when I bought my Klingon uniform for which I still need to make an entry in my blog.

At first thought to sell it to soften the cost for the uniform but then I start being very keen to display it with it.

So I asked it to be shipped back and just tried it out on top of my Brunt mirror universe mannequin.

It has some nice presence, at least it's what I feel.

As soon as I have time to get my hands on an appropriate mannequin for the uniform I will display it with it but in the meantime Brunt needs to suffer looking less handsome than usual.

Isolinear Chips - SOLD

Somehow it seems chips are in high demand and this even for the Star Trek prop collector.

In auction those don't fail to attract a lot of bidders and make them most of the time out of reach.

Luckily they can pop up at a decent price but then you need to rush to get those.

Here are the ones I secured, framed and ready to be displayed.

Terran Empire Uniform Patch - SOLD

My main focus being DS9 - Mirror Universe I always been drawn to seek one of those patch.

Since TOS this design is recognizable by, I would believe, all Star Trek fans.

But those are in scarce supply and high demand.

Well at last I had the opportunity to get me one in the last Screenused July'13 auction. It comes from Lyn's collection from the Star Trek forums.

Looking now at framing it so I can display it safely.

Klingon Banner(s)

As for many of collectors, I appreciate Klingon props and would love to have a few of those.

Of course as everything that many wants, well prices tend to keep some out of reach.

So when I saw those 2 banners being auctionned at Screenused this July 2013, I had the hope they would be within my reach. Those come from Lyn's collection, a great lady from the Star Trek forums.

The first one is a red and black banner with some Klingon writings.

The second one is a narrow but long yellow one with a Klingon insignia.

At first I wasn't very interested in the second one but then when I saw this pic from Lyn's collection I thought that just maybe I could do the same even if the first one was a bit different.

And I'm so happy to have been right on this one. It will make a great display once I have set this up on the staircase wall of our new house. You could think they were made for each other.

Q-Less Boxing Outfits - SOLD

Q-Less is the 7th episode of the first season for Deep Space Nine.

Q is a character I was very fond with in TNG and would never forget Vash and Picard duo as well.

Here Q and Vash are teaming up to bring some trouble in DS9.

Sisko not taking Q's presence very well become quite upset to the pleasure of Q always happy to bring more troubles.

This exact "boxing" moment of this episode can be summarized as such:

"Entertained and seeking to further antagonize Sisko, Q suggests they settle the matter man-to-man. 

Temporarily transforming Quark's Bar into a boxing arena, he begins bouncing about Sisko and landing blows. 

 Humorously, Quark and Vash wager on the sideline. Q keeps insisting that his opponent fight back, ultimately an annoyed Sisko knocks him down

Upon being struck to the ground a seeming bewildered Q says, 

"You hit me. Picard never hit me."; Sisko answers, "I'm not Picard.

Q is very pleased to find a command-level Starfleet officer who is easier to provoke than the USS Enterprise-D's captain, and he vanishes in a flash."

Following the Screenused auction of July 2013 I was very lucky to manage to get those 2 outfits.

Not only it would be my first Q and Sisko outfit (even though only the sash of Q is an hero and the rest a stunt outfit) but it comes from one of the scene that amused me the most in the first season of DS9.

At last I have to thank Lyn from the Star Trek forums for giving us a great auction as most of the Star Trek items were coming from her collection.

Bajoran PADD - SOLD

Now that we are using iPADs and similar devices all the time, it is still intriguing to see that 20 years ago those were common usage in Star Trek.

Coming in all kind of shapes depending on races, those are fun to collect.

Had the impulse to buy this Bajoran one from a fellow collector.

Bajoran PADD

Bajoran PADD
In use during the 24th century, Bajoran PADDs were small, roughly oval-shaped devices, nearly the same size as the small Federation PADD variant. Capable of the same general function as their alien counterparts, Bajoran PADDs could be used to download information from primary computer sources, including text documents as large as novels. They were also able to display information in Bajoran as well as other languages. (DS9: "Emissary", "The Jem'Hadar", "Shadows and Symbols")

Grand Nagus Cane - Unpainted

This is one of those objects that you are delighted to find when you didn't expect it anymore but not giving you fully what you did want.

Always thought that a Grand Nagus Cane would do a great display but of course that was thinking of a painted one.

Now finding one even unpainted is not common enough to be ignored so had to buy this and see.

Of course I'm torn between displaying it as is and having it painted to match what we saw on screen.

In the meantime some pics of it:

From some comments I got on the Star Trek forums, it seems most likely this to be a replicas made from molds created by Icons.

If so then it's not a prop production made but still a beautiful item to hold and it makes it easier for me to decide to paint it for display. Most likely to happen now that I have that info.


Well the cane is now painted.


Next step is to create a base to display it.

Risa Door Bell - SOLD

This would be my first and most likely my last Enterprise show prop.

As anyway Risa was a destination or a theme used a few times in DS9, it still relates enough to DS9 for me.

Now the Horga'hn statuette design is quite famous if you did look at any TNG or DS9 episodes involving Risa, while I remember clearly Picard with this item I'm not so sure for DS9 but will have to watch once more to confirm. Well watching an Episode involving Risa is always a pleasure in a way.

As a result I was very keen to get a door bell in the general shape of an Horga'hn, didn't see many of those out there.

Will most probably frame it nicely for display. Pics to be posted once done... this is now done.

Brunt phaser - Mirror Universe

Since I bought the Brunt Mirror Universe costume I always have this feel to fill the holster pertaining to this costume.

It's really hard to have a clear view of the weapon style used by Brunt as a hand phaser because he never uses it.

Now from a few screenshot the phaser looked green, really not easy to pinpoint but it's on the right of the plate Brunt is holding in the SS below.    I said to look on the right!!! Not to do like Quark.

Also the handle looks curved and the only curved green phaser I know of is this one.

As this weapon style is also known as a Ferengi hand phaser it was a good bet.

Next step was to match it to the holster and it's also a perfect match as you can see below.

That wasn't hard to figure out at the hand but always nice when it can be done and now my display is almost complete. Just need to find a knife to add to the knife sheath.

Tuvok - Mirror Universe Outfit

As at this point I truly try to keep a focus in collecting new props from Star Trek and this with the DS9 - Mirror Universe.

There are only 5 episodes in DS9 that's relates to the Mirror Universe but it already gives a lot of possibilities to collect. Between costumes that are specific to that universe but also Starfleet uniform or other costumes for those from the normal universe visiting their mirror counterparts. Then there are weapons as well as other padd and tricorders.

At least it gives me a reason to be happy to let other props pass without trying to buy those. Just need to think it doesn't fit my focus.

Tuvok is an interesting case as he does appear in DS9 Mirror Universe episode "Through the Looking Glass".

He is the only character from Voyager appearing in DS9 Mirror Universe besides "the Doctor" from Voyager which in fact was Doctor Lewis Zimmerman the creator of the EMH.

Thanks to Alec Peters I know own the Tuvok mirror costume and very happy to own this oddity of being a crossover between Voyager and DS9

Cardassian Rifle

Since I somehow moved slowly to focus on "DS9 - Mirror Universe" I also tried to collect weapons that had only also a presence in the Mirror Universe.

Luckily it's the case for one of the most beautiful rifle, being the Cardassian one, and one was used on screen by a favorite of mine: Garak.

This one was sold by Screenused during their first auction last July and has seen better days but it's still a great looking piece as you can see and it makes a great display: