Jennifer Sisko - Mirror Universe

While I thought it would be hard for me to find more costumes related to the Mirror Universe then this one pop up out of nowhere on Ebay.

Luckily it seems it went pretty much out of view from my fellow collectors so I get it at really a bargain.


Jennifer Sisko and dress in the middle of the pic above.

Too bad I didn't get the olive tights but those are pretty much impossible to display unless on a full size mannequin.

Then Jennifer and Jake Sisko, this time she's using the long sleet jacket on top of the dress.

Looking to find this Jake Sisko costume but to no avail so far. Hopefully I can get lucky later on.

Ben Sisko - Mirror Universe costume

Somehow I can better relate with the owner of New Ferenginar on his feeling to get a new costume after some years of wait.

It took me about 2 years to finally conclude this transaction due to personal reasons from it's owner. Once possibility arised, it went all well and smoothly.

Now having the well known problem of finding space to display it but it is a good problem to have.

Too bad I couldn't add the Odo on the R&R auction as it was very very bad timing but you never know what the future has in reserve.

In the meantime, welcome to "Captain" Sisko.

Q-Less Boxing Outfits - SOLD

Luckily, what I don't have as space I recover a bit in high ceilings.
So not having enough floors for 3 new standing mannequins I could still display the Q and Sisko boxing outfits as well as the Vash costume from Q-Less on top of my shelves with half mannequins.

Very happy to have those reunited in my collection. Always loved Q and Vash characters from TNG then to be able to have my first Sisko costume all fitting together is very satisfying.

Grand Nagus Cane

As posted before, I got the change to get an unpainted Grand Nagus Cane. Most probably a replica done but still a very nice piece to own.

Thinking over it and with the advice of some fellow collector, I decided to hand it over to Tom Spina Designs to paint it and get a display base done for it.

This is the end result.

As always Tom and his team did a fantastic job, can't be recommend anyone to approach them for any work related to display or restore their movie props.


Vash and Sisko waiting for Q - SOLD

Some time ago, I was lucky to win the Sisko and Q Boxing Outfit at a Screenused auction.

Not only I always wondered where those costumes went but I never thought I could be also add the Vash costume from the same episode.

Vash was a great character in TNG (not only for notoriously kissing Jean Luc) and Q was one of my favorite as well.

I believe it was mostly their only appearance in DS9 so I'm happy to see their costumes in my collection.

Lacking floor space to get full size mannequin for display, I decided to sell some parts of my collection to get some shelf display space and use half size mannequin for the display.

So unfortunately we can't see most of the legs but I think those still display quite nicely. For Q I'm pending delivery of another mannequin same style as Sisko.

For Vash it was another matter as she is very very slim. I bought one small size mannequin and the top couldn't fit at all. As the zip is in front I couldn't even cheat by holding the back some other way. Luckily the vendor found a very small bust and I added a bottom to complete the display. Overall it still look ok.

With my Sideshow Endoskeleton in case anyone got any strange idea to come close to those.

New Display room - Phase 2

Well this is after one more weekend, finally having the time to buy 2 new form mannequin and a full size.

Was planning to use the form mannequins for the Bashir and Tuvok heroes but strangely enough the Bashir didn't fit at all. Was displaying very poorly on it.

So I took the Bashir stunt out of the half torso it was displayed on and changed for the hero to notice that Alexander Siddig and his stunt haven't quite the same size.

The stunt needed to be held on the half torso or it would fall down (especially the pants of course) but the hero is just staying in place nicely as is.

So change of plan, I put the Rom on the form mannequin instead.

The next step was to display my Klingon uniform on the full size mannequin. Everything went easy enough but for the boots. I could have tried to force them in place but then I was wondering how in hell I would ever be able to remove them later on.

Once displayed you can see how tall those badass Klingons are standing. Especially side by side with Ezri and the Intendant.

So took the only option I saw and saw off the feets of the mannequin. Then it was easy enough. Just did put the feet first inside, then slided the legs in.

I bought this full size mannequin as it seems looking like a guard standing on duty:

The second level of the display for lighter costumes on display:

All together:


Still in need to display the Nog and Bareil heroes, which I will do on each side wall at the second level. Just will put a hook on the wall and display the 2 costumes on half torso mannequins.

At last you can also see my signed baseballs on display with the costumes for the DS9 show and on my cabinets for TNG.

Waiting for a Klingon rifle, 2 more phasers display then Bashir's gun to put in the costume holster and my collection will be fully displayed.

New Display room - Phase 1

Since we moved last December to our new home, I had to spend time to re-organize displaying my collection.

The room I had spared for my office/display room is a bit smaller than before but high ceilings.

So thought to have a custom made shelf to have two layers of mannequin on display. Still working on it but this is a first view of what it would look like.

As you can see the windows on top of the room have blinds as well as tinted screen to cut the UV just in case.

Then installed my two cabinets with most of my Star Trek collection in display cases.

A space for some Star Wars items and a TOS Mirror Universe Mondo poster.

In our bedrooms corridor, my wife was kind enough to authorize displaying more frames.

A Jurassic Park plate also in a very good spot.

Then at last but not least I finally managed to display my Klingon banners in a decent place.

I acquired those from Lyn's collection and even though they aren't supposed to be together the yellow banner with the Klingon logo fits so well with the black one that you could think they are one piece.


I'm so glad to had the chance to bid on Lyn's item and finally could show that hopefully they went to a good home.

So blessed to be part of the Star Trek forum community.