Aluura (Symba Smith) Costume - DS9 Dabo Girl

Who wouldn't want a Dabo girl costume in his collection?
Aluura’s (Symba Smith) costume from Gene Roddenberry’s 1993 to 1999 classic sci-fi television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Aluura wore her costume in the season six episode Profit and Lace. The costume consists of two parts: a long dress and a body with a sewn-in bra. Both items feature handwritten labels which read ‘Deep Space Nine Symba Smith’. The dress features a metal brooch on the front. There is very minor wear from age and production use and the costume remains in a very good condition.

Materials: Ferrous Metals, Man-Made Woven Fibres.

Some close-ups of the fabric used.

DS9 Mirror - Ben Sisko - Disruptor

In a PIH there was the disruptor used by Ben Sisko in an episode from the DS9 Mirror Universe.

But as at the time I wasn't really into collecting the Mirror Universe as a focus, I gave this a pass.

Since then, never saw this resold and never got an opportunity to get a Klingon Disruptor Deathsting style.

At the last Prop Block auction there was one for sale and it was passed, so I did enquire on it and check if the metal tip could be removed easily.

Jarrod was more than helpful and confirmed it could be just unscrewed and removed then put back easily as needed.

There are some minor coloring details difference but overall it's pretty close. Don't think I'll repaint this unless I could do this with water color that can be removed easily. To be tested... maybe.

Enterprise - Mirror Universe - Starfleet Female Jumpsuit - Replica

Always hoping to find such a production made jumpsuit but to no avail since the end of IAW auctions.

So when I saw this replica going relatively cheap in Ebay, I thought that it might ever be the closed I would get to own one.

Honestly, it was a mix feeling decision but the quality of the replica is great and it looks fine on a mannequin.

Just in need to get the NX-01 shoulder patch and a belt replica done.

Now added Epaulets on the shoulders

DS9 Ezri Tigan - Mirror Costume - Daggers.

DS9 Ezri Tigan Mirror Costume was the first costume I decided to buy.

Always liked Nicole de Boer as an actress and this didn't mind the mirror universe stories even though the DS9 one were borderline comedy most of the time.

The costume was quite complete but for the disruptor and the dagger used in the Episode "The Emperor New Cloak".

So I was quite surprised to see those for sale at the last Prop Block auction for Star Trek.

As I managed to get a disruptor replica, this costume is now quite complete for an hero one (besides the disruptor).

The rubber stunt one going in the sheat and the metal one will be displayed on a wall.

DS9 Mirror Universe - Alliance Badge Replica

Some costumes were missing the Alliance badge for a proper display.

Finding an original is close to impossible so had some replicas done months ago but never went around taking the time to paint them properly.

At the end I resorted to what I thought would be the easiest:
  1. Silver spray paint can.
  2. Masking liquid for modelling.
  3. Black spray paint can.
Et voila... not so bad at all.