Updated DS9 Mirror Universe Costume Collection

Finally taking the time to manage my room to display the whole collection.

Still some work in progress but it's taking shape.

Starfleet Jumpsuits

Always wanted to have a wall with some Starfleet jumpsuits side by side.

As I was lucky to get a Scant one at the last PIH auction then I was looking for 2 more with different style that appeared in DS9.

The TNG style which I got in Command Red that appeared in the first season.

The DS9 style from most of the seasons which I got in Science Blue [really looking like Green in reality].

And would be hoping to have a last one in the DS9 style of the last seasons in whichever colour I can find but not really having the space right now.

Well I have a fourth one being a baby Starfleet jumpsuit that appeared in Voyager.

Vic Fontaine Guns- Shattered Mirror

If I still haven't managed to find the Vic Fontaine Mirror costume, I managed to get a pair of his guns.

One is slightly damaged, as missing the emitter part, but for the rest they are in great condition.

The design was also used for the Breen.

Managed to convert my old Master Replicas Lightsaber display for those two phasers. Looking good using simple straight hook screws.


“Smiley – Terran Rebellion Costume”

The year 2015 ended well for my DS9 Mirror Universe collection.

Really had no clue where this costume was, when I got an email with the lead on how to buy it... which of course I did.

Now just need the time to find mannequins to display Smiley next to Sisko and the others.

I also got lucky to buy this "Alien Phaser" at a previous auction and to notice now it's a perfect fit for the Smiley holster.