Q-Less Boxing Outfits - SOLD

Luckily, what I don't have as space I recover a bit in high ceilings.
So not having enough floors for 3 new standing mannequins I could still display the Q and Sisko boxing outfits as well as the Vash costume from Q-Less on top of my shelves with half mannequins.

Very happy to have those reunited in my collection. Always loved Q and Vash characters from TNG then to be able to have my first Sisko costume all fitting together is very satisfying.

Grand Nagus Cane

As posted before, I got the change to get an unpainted Grand Nagus Cane. Most probably a replica done but still a very nice piece to own.

Thinking over it and with the advice of some fellow collector, I decided to hand it over to Tom Spina Designs to paint it and get a display base done for it.

This is the end result.

As always Tom and his team did a fantastic job, can't be recommend anyone to approach them for any work related to display or restore their movie props.