Expanding my balls... collection.

A few years back I got into buying some baseballs signed by the Star Trek captains like Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Scott Bakula. Then got a chance to buy one signed by George Takei, then another by Colm Meaney,...

Lately thanks to David (USS Endeav in the Star Trek forums) I got quite a few balls last year and 12 new ones this year raising my collection to 30 signed baseballs.

- 7 from TOS with 6 from the main characters with the exception of DeForest Kelley. Then got the chance to get Khan which is for me The villain to remember from TOS.

- 8 from the TNG crew including Guinan and Q. Missing Tasha Yar and Wesley Crusher if looking for completeness. Worf and O'Brien are shown in the DS9 part as being my favorite series.

- 11 from DS9 and this will keep expanding as there are some major recurring characters still missing. Like Gul Dukat (can't do without him as being central as the main villain), Dr Bashir, Jadzia and Ezri Dax then could add a few others like Jake, Keiko, Vic Fontaine, Gowron, Kai Winn, Damar, Vedek Bareil,... but not an absolute necessity.

- Not being a fan of Voyager which I guess was too much like TNG in a different Quadrant but not being TNG, I didn't collect any signed baseballs for this series. Always thought of having at least the Captain but now that I have many from each series it doesn't make sense either. At last lack of display space means I will never start this one.

- still having 4 from Enterprise with Captain Archer, T'Pol, Trip and Reed. Would only need 3 more (Sato, Travis and Dr. Phlox) to get a complete crew but again a lack of display space would render that exercise useless for the moment. Still maybe will do so as I'm sort of quite fond of the Enterprise series. I don't quite like the War from the Future story arc with the Xindi but love the intrigue between Vulcans, Andorians and the Tellarites. The Start of the Federation and the Romulan War would have been a great Season 5 which didn't materialize unfortunately.

The Intendant Headpiece

You'll have to agree that this Headpiece is an important part of the Intendant outfit.

Now the problem was how to display it while I don't have a choice to find an appropriate mannequin with a head.

First option to buy a separate head as accessory didn't work out as it was way too small.

So I went back to try to adapt the contraption received from Jim (who sold me this costume) to the mannequin I had. Just need to cut a hold in the neck base of the mannequin and insert the Headpiece support. As it wasn't very stable I added a good dose of heavy duty glue and "voila", works perfectly.

Mirror Universe Costumes on display

Costumes are great to collect. They are the props that have the most impact on people when displayed. Don't get me wrong, phaser pistols and rifles or other tools are very nice finds to have as well but somehow costumes attracts those seeing them in an all together different way.

So when you have costumes my feel is that you have to display them and this is also why I decided to focus on a niche which is costumes related to DS9 Mirror Universe. Gives me a reason not to expand too much.

Jadzia     Intendant       Ezri               Leeta               Brunt

So those are the nine costumes I have so far managed to get.

Bashir                       Bareil
Rom                             Nog

Star Trek DS9 - Brunt Mirror costume - Hero

For any fan of DS9 Brunt was the liquidator for the FCA (Ferengi Commerce Authority). In the DS9 storyline he would be considered as a bad guy but in the mirror universe he was a good guy... which was puzzling Rom quite a bit.

Brunt was also one of the nine characters played by Jeffrey Combs.

Jeffrey Alan Combs (born 9 September 1954; age 57) is an actor who has the distinction of portraying nine different characters on Star Trek, most notably those of Brunt and Weyoun on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Andorian Shran on Star Trek: Enterprise. He is one of only five actors to play seven or more different characters in the Star Trek franchise, the others being Randy Oglesby, J.G. Hertzler, Vaughn Armstrong and Thomas Kopache. Coincidentally, Combs has appeared on Star Trek with all four of those actors.

Brunt being the partner of Ezri Tigan in "The Emperor's New Cloak" Episode, I always wanted to reunite those 2 costumes on display as much as I wanted the Leeta's one. Brunt is also the 4th Ferengi and the last one to be killed on screen, this time by the Intendant. I do wonder if they would come with another Mirror Universe which Ferengi they would have found to kill??? there wasn't many left.

Brunt was a Ferengi mercenary who along with Ezri Tigan frequently worked for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, even though Brunt's sympathy was with the Terran Rebellion

In 2375, Brunt's ship was used to deliver a stolen cloaking device from the primary universe to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. The cloaking device was later sabotaged, providing the Terran rebels with an opportunity to force the surrender of Regent Worf

Brunt was in love with Ezri Tigan. She did not return his feelings, but he thought she was his very close friend and she admired his skill as an engineer. 

During the incident, Brunt was murdered by Intendant Kira when she suspected him of betrayal. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

Star Trek DS9 - Mirror Universe - Ezri Tigan armed and ready

Ezri Tigan Mirror Universe is my first costume from DS9 and it totally hooked me up collecting costumes.

I really love the way it display but sometimes I'm looking too much at details and if I'm very happy this costume comes with holsters, I'm also eager to fill them in with their proper weapon.

Did look a bit around for the type of knife she used on screen but it's not easy to find anything similar.

For the gun on the contrary I did know exactly what to look for... and found it but it wasn't the same paint scheme than the one used by Ezri in the "Emperor's New Cloak" episode.

Well short of repainting an original prop, I did the next best thing and find a way to have a replica of it.

Here is the end result. Very happy about, it has a nice weight in hand and could be used for fun as well not being a real prop.

  The gun fits the holster perfectly and at last I have the costume with all its equipment on display

                                                                                                                                This is the costume with the gun displayed, think it looks very neat.

Star Trek DS9 - Rom Mirror costume - Hero

Since starting collecting costumes from DS9 Mirror Universe, which at first should have been only from the episode "Emperor's New Cloak", I got a kick seeing those on display.

Then my envy was always to get a Ferengi costume so I got the Nog one.

Well lately I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Rom costume and why not reunite father and son?

Rom presence in the Mirror Universe was short lived as he was the second Ferengi getting the death treatment and from that moment it looked like they had to kill one Ferengi per episode.

Rom was a Ferengi mercenary who fought with in the Terran Resistance Forces during the Terran Rebellion against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, seeking revenge against the Alliance for the death of his elder brother, Quark. Compared to his primary universe counterpart, he was much more aggressive and devious.


As part of a plan to get Benjamin Sisko aboard Terok Nor, Rom pretended to defect to the Alliance and revealed that Sisko, who had been believed dead, was planning to come to the station.

The Alliance, using Rom's information, managed to capture Sisko and "Smiley" O'Brien, and bring them to the station, which was exactly what the rebels wanted. Rom was to pilot their escape ship once Sisko and Smiley had rescued Jennifer Sisko from the Alliance.

Unfortunately, Elim Garak was suspicious of Rom and ordered him tortured into revealing the true plan. Rom was then executed, and his body was left impaled upon an airlock door as a warning. (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass")
After his death, his late brother's bar on Terok Nor was inherited by his son Nog, who was killed by Intendant Kira Nerys in 2372. (DS9: "Shattered Mirror") 

Upon visiting the mirror universe in 2375, the Rom of the primary universe expressed sadness at the death of his counterpart. He told his brother Quark that he would have liked to have met himself. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

The costume comes with 2 shirts, one before and one after Rom's death. The one "after" his death his some damage in the fabric to show a stab wound and some fake blood spread from the wound down to simulate him bleeding to death.

Interestingly enough, after 16 years the blood isn't dry still, the shirt feel sticky and the fake blood can still stain as you can see in the IAW certificate envelope below that was shipped with the costume.

Star Trek DS9 - Jadzia Dax Mirror costume - Hero

7 is a lucky number by tradition and this is my 7th DS9 Mirror Universe costume.

A costume featured in the Star Trek: DS9 episodes “Through the Looking Glass” and “Shattered Mirror” for wear by Terry Farrel in her portrayal of “Jadzia Dax”. The costume is a blue suede jackets, one cream colored tank top. 

The garments features sewn in Deep Space Nine tags reading ‘Terry Farrel’. The jackets feature a degree of fading due to light and storage conditions.

Took me a while to manage to get it on Ebay as the first price was way too high, so after numerous emails with the seller, multiple offers over weeks,... they just removed from Ebay... to put it back a few days later at my last offer price. I bid... and won.

To be fair I got help from my friends at the Star Trek forums to know it was for sale and even got a nudge to go for it.

Sadly it isn't a full costume and the full costume was own at Backlot Props then sold to Abacus now liquidated. Hopefully it might still pop up for sale on Ebay in the future. If not I still have now a Terry Farrell (Hero) jacket and undershirt screenused in DS9 Mirror Universe.

Jadzia Dax was a Trill soldier of fortune who worked for the Terran Rebellion. In 2369, Jadzia was working as a mercenary captain of her own ship, the Rogue Star. A frequent client of hers was Annika Hansen, who took passage on the Rogue Star on several missions for the Obsidian Order, although her ties to the Order were unknown to Jadzia. A staple of Jadzia's outfit at this time was a curved blade that she always had at her waist. (ST novel: Dark Passions, Book One) By 2371, she was romantically involved with Benjamin Sisko. After his "death", she became involved with Julian Bashir. In 2371, Chakotay described her as having "good looks but no personality." (VOY - Mirror Universe novel: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

When it appeared that her lover had returned from the dead in mid-2371, Jadzia immediately greeted Sisko with a kiss to show how glad she was that he was alive...

 ... quickly followed by a slap to the face for making her think he was dead. She didn't realize at the time that the man she thought was her lover was in fact Benjamin Sisko from another universe. (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass") In 2372, when Sisko returned to the mirror universe, Jadzia immediately pulled a knife on him, warning him to never touch her again. Jadzia later joined her new lover, Bashir, on a mission to delay the Alliance's attack on the rebel-occupied Terok Nor. (DS9: "Shattered Mirror") Jadzia was killed in 2375 in a skirmish with Alliance troops. Julian Bashir took the loss very hard, leaving Bashir even more irritable and unreasonable. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak"). Later that year, Bashir was given command of a starship, which he named the Jadzia. (DS9 - Mirror Universe novel: Saturn's Children)

Star Trek - Tribble Tree

Last weekend I was on Holiday in the Cameron Highlands part of Malaysia. Very nice area where you can visit Tea Plantations, Strawberry Fields and Bee Farms.

When looking around a Cactus and Plant shop, I came across those:

No idea what this is and the explanations were foggy at best so this is something I need to look into. Anyway having any tips, please leave a comment.

Star Trek DS9 - Ferengi Altar Replicas

Since seeing a post in the Star Trek forum Everyday items made into props, I thought of doing a replicas for myself.

The first part was to go on Ebay and find this prop which isn't produced for quite some time but amazingly there is still quite a few for sale.


Official Star Trek Next Generation Ferengi Saving Bank

Then the idea would be to paint it in Gold and get some Latinum Bricks to create the display you can see below.

Finding a good paint in spray was fairly easy, and painting it was too. Nothing difficult to do it right once you understand it's not needed to do it all at once. Just spray one coat at a time and touch back where you miss a spot later on. Overdoing it at once will just make the paint to leak which isn't good.

Then to find someone creating replicas of Latinum Bricks and "voila", you can have your own Ferengi Altar at home.

Still looking at getting 3 more bricks later on but in the meantime wondering if I could do 3 of those using wood to make it cheaper as the one below don't need to be of good quality to get the overall idea.

This was fun to do.

Star Trek VI - Klingon Disruptor Rifle - SOLD

This prop was on top of my list as I coveted a Klingon Disruptor since forever. Those weapons are so recognizable as being Klingon as much as a Bat'leth or a uniform.

I have seen a few "Beak Nose" disruptors in auctions or for sale, and as a previous post I had the chance to catch the "Beak Nose" shotgun disruptor before reselling it to buy this baby. But over the years I never saw a rifle within my reach.

Still hoping to get a pistol but, seriously, how could I miss the chance to get a rifle?

Now waiting to get a proper display done for it and soon enough I'll be able to post some actual pictures of it.

Star Trek DS9 - Kira Nerys Mirror costume "Intendant"

The Mirror Universe in DS9 had one recurring character playing in all episodes and it's the "Intendant".

This character was the mirror of Kira Nerys played by Nana Visitor and the costume was really showcasing her at her best... if I can say so.

Unfortunately the hero version of this costume, at least one we know the whereabouts was cut in pieces to make collectible cards. So this is a stunt version but all the same for me as it's really a dream come true to be able to have this in my collection.

The Headband is an Hero version.

 About the costume it was stated "If you were to put the two uniforms together, you'd say, 'Well it's kind of a shiny gray version of the rust.' It's not that I've exposed more of her body - it's exposed pretty much the same way it always is. What's the difference? She's the difference. It's how Nana wears it. It's what she does. She walks like a provocative woman, with her legs crossing in front. She uses her hips, and a whole other kind of body English than she normally uses."

For those having seen the episodes, I don't think we can contradict that statement.

Will be adding a Bajoran combadge replica and this Alliance emblem pin to the costume to get a close look to what we can see on screen.

Waiting now to have the right display for it but in the meantime this is another costume that played in the same episode than my Ezri mirror.

Nana visitor said this about the Intendant: "It's very much me. I mean, I hope I don't send people to their deaths or anything like that, but yeah, that is more of who I am." Visitor also described the mirror Kira as "a spoiled brat with an ego gone awry." Speaking in 1999, she said, "She was interesting because she was Kira, she's got all you know, it's all the same, everything is exactly the same, except in this other world, her ego is twisted one way, whereas Kira's is twisted another. So where Kira thinks of others, and finds a justification for her life in doing things for other people, the Intendant's justification for life is in doing things for herself. She is completely the most self involved, self centered person, she's like a child in that sense, which makes her funny, but in her childish way, she cares so little for other people that she thinks nothing of disposing of them, using them, it doesn't matter, which makes her very scary."

Star Trek DS9 - Leeta Mirror costume - Hero

Somehow I should do one entry instead of two for the Leeta costume and the Intendant one as the stories behind me adding those to my collection are linked as one.

After getting the Nog and the Bashir mirror, I mentioned on the forums my desire to get the Leeta costume but somehow I really had no clue besides doing an appeal on how to find this costume. Well Jim thought maybe he could as he said he would look into it.

In the meantime he also somehow posted a tease about starting "heavy negotiations" about the Intendant if I would ever be interested in adding it to my collection. "Interested"... the word wasn't strong enough as never thought it was a possibility. Seems never say never and after some emails... I wouldn't call it negotiations... we had a deal.

So what about Leeta as it's a post about her costume...  well in the emails series, Jim just told me out of the blue that he did found the Leeta mirror and it was available if I wanted. At the end I got those 2 costumes just after Christmas 2011. Very happy.

Of course it goes well with my Ezri Mirror. 
Can't wait to have a chance to display those side by side.

Leeta was a Bajoran working with the rebels on Terok Nor. "Smiley" O'Brien instructed her to "debrief" Ezri Tigan, following the Terran Rebellion's defeat of Regent Worf, which Leeta apparently took literally. When Rom told her "We're married!", she gave him a disgusted look and sneered, "I don't think so...!". Like Ezri and the Intendant, Leeta seemed to prefer female companionship. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

Star Trek DS9 - Bareil Antos Mirror costume - Hero

In the, so called, "normal" timeline in DS9, Kira wasn't very lucky with her intimate life. Even at the end the romance story with Odo would not unfold in the most happy note.

But before Odo there was Vedek Bareil. I think it was a great character that had the same passion as Kira in him but managed to control it in a wiser way.

In the mirror universe Bareil was no Vedek which unfortunately means I would not seek to get a Vedek costume. Unfortunately as those should display greatly. Well at leat Bareil did appear in the mirror universe as the Intendant was again trying to use others feelings to her advantage. At least this time her vanity worked against her... or should I say again one more time.

 In the mirror universe, Bareil Antos is a petty thief who is close to the alternate Kira. He leaves his universe in a foiled attempt to steal an orb.

Thanks to Carolan on the Star Trek forums, I managed to get this costume to add to my collection. As you can read in my post, being part of the forums is definitely a great way to complete your collection with the exact items you desire.

A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Resurrection”; wherein the “Bareil Antos” from the mirror universe arrives on the station requesting asylum but it all turns out to be a plot with the “Intendant” (Nana Visitor) to steal one of the Orbs of the Prophets. This costume is for wear by Philip Anglim in the role of the mirror version of “Bareil Antos”, and is a long-sleeved, brown, suede, jacket featuring a wrap around flap, and brown, overall-style trousers with broken stripes in darker shades of brown, and stirrups for the feet. The costumer's tag reads ‘DS9 #532, Shakaar, Duncan Regher’ but the costume was actually worn by Philip Anglim in this episode.

Star Trek TNG - Romulan Disruptor - SOLD

Once you start collecting props it's quite easy to get lost and start collecting a bit of everything. Then one moment, at least for me, you start wondering if you shouldn't focus a bit more. Mostly it helps to avoid spending too much as at first we believe we shouldn't miss any opportunity but then opportunities keeps coming.

So getting this opportunity to buy a very nice Romulan Disruptor, I decided to see if I could get a nice sample of various phasers and disruptors from the main races in Star Trek.

This style Romulan Disrupter can be seen on screen in many episodes. It was first introduced in Star Trek The Next Generation.

Made of resin with no moving parts. This is a very recognizable prop from this now classic show.

Star Trek DS9 - Nog Mirror costume - Hero

As mentioned, my resolve on collecting costumes keeps changing... but now it's definite I will stop at collecting only DS9 Mirror Universe costumes... unless maybe something like a grail passes by.

So my third costume in that niche is Nog, the Ferengi bartender... well after the rest of his family got killed in the first 2 mirror episodes... and he didn't survive the third one.

Nog was the owner of the bar on Terok Nor in 2372. He had a great distrust of tall men, but an equal interest in tall women.
Nog inherited the bar after the death of his uncle Quark and his father Rom, both at the order of Intendant Kira Nerys. In gratitude, Nog helped the Intendant escape from the custody of the Terran Rebellion. However, the Intendant killed Nog, on the off chance that he might tell the rebels that she had escaped. (DS9: "Shattered Mirror")

I was always tempted to buy a Ferengi costume as those are really colorful and blend so many different fabrics that they are very intricate in general.

So when Darrin from the Star Trek forums mentioned he owned this one, it did stay in my mind. At that time Darrin was quite interested to swap with my Ezri costume but I can't let go this costume as I really like it much.

Luckily for me, Darrin decided to sell the Nog and after he patiently let me get the necessary Latinum it was a deal and I got my third mirror costume.

It's a great costume to display and it has the headband as well which I can't display easily as such. The fabric feels great and there you go, I have my Ferengi costume and it's a mirror one.

Star Trek DS9 - Bashir Mirror costume - Stunt

Seems I did lack the resolve to stop after one costume and maybe as I was selling one it did make sense to switch for another... or simply I wanted to get more of those.

Anyway it was also how I really started getting Jim as my favorite vendor for Mirror Universe costumes. It was also my first exchange as I was shipping once costume (the Lwaxana Troi dress) while he was shipping me this one. Working with Jim is great as he is very patient and has a lot of understanding.

So as I couldn't keep my resolve to stop at one costume, I said to myself I will collect only costumes from the Mirror Universe episode "The Emperor New Cloak"... and that didn't last long either.

 Julian Bashir was a Terran slave who joined the Terran Rebellion against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the 2370s. An angry and impetuous individual, Bashir didn't get along well with anyone. 

When his lover Jadzia was killed during a skirmish with the Alliance in early 2375, Bashir became even more irritable and unreasonable. He personally shot and killed Vic Fontaine and wanted to torture Ezri. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak") 

Star Trek TNG & DS9 - Lwaxana Troi - SOLD

Lwaxana Troi was the extrovert mother (to say the less) of Deanna Troi the counselor of the Enterprise in TNG. This is one of those great character appearing from time to time giving some very interesting twists to the storyline.

Like Q it was also one of the few character to move from TNG to DS9 and the relationship between Odo and Lwaxana had its funny and deeper moments.

So I was quite tempted to go ahead in an auction and buy one without really believing my bid would be the winner... but it was for this costume.

When I got this I was amazed by the quality of the fabric and the workmanship done... but at the end shouldn't be too much a surprise as after all Majel Barrett playing Lwaxana Troy was the "First lady of Trek".

Later on I came to the decision to let go this dress as trying to focus on other props... and when I did came along my second costume from the DS9 Mirror Universe. Timing couldn't be more perfect.

Star Trek DS9 - Ezri Tigan - Mirror Universe

Seriously I was trying to avoid starting collecting costumes and uniforms. The main attraction to do it of course is that those are magnificent on display and attracts more discussion than props. Mostly I guess it's that people can relate to clothes easily while ray guns and other tricorders might not give the same feel to non-trekkies.

Nichole De Boer who plays Ezri Dax in DS9, is an actress I quite like for what she did in Dead Zone as well. The mirror universe had some silly stories but somehow I found those episodes fun to see. The "Intendant" is a great character,  there was a Ferengi killed in every episode, no-one was who it should be and even Rom was wondering if Gul Dukat would be the president of the Federation in this weird universe.

So when I saw this Ezri mirror costume for sale, I had to buy it... and I thought "Well that's it, I have one" and it would stop there... well big mistake. It didn't.


A costume featured in the Star Trek: DS9 Star Trek: DS9 episode “The Emperors New Cloak” for wear by Nichole De Boer during her portrayal of “Ezri Dax”. 

The costume is black leather trousers with braided string accents down the outside seams, a short sleeved suede shirt, and a cropped black leather jacket with faux reptile skin pattern. The costume also comes with black leather zip front boots, a leather belt with metal studs affixed all around and a black nylon sheath with black leather accents, and a second belt made from black leather strips woven to appear as chain link with a molded resin holster. 

The costume pieces feature affixed Deep Space Nine tags reading ‘Nichole De Boer' and the costumer’s tag reads ‘#562 DS9, Emperor’s New Cloak, Ezri Dax, Nichole De Boer’ and lists the components.

Took me some time to find a way to display it and I hoped to achieve some likeness with the character so I needed to turn a teenage mannequin into a Trill.

 Ezri Tigan was an unjoined Trill mercenary who along with Brunt frequently worked for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Ezri had a sexual relationship with Intendant Kira Nerys, who in 2375 selected Ezri to cross over into another universe on a mission to blackmail Quark and Rom into stealing a Klingon cloaking device and smuggling it into the mirror universe. This mission was successful; however Rom subsequently sabotaged the cloaking device, providing the Terran rebels with an opportunity to force the surrender of Regent Worf. Following Brunt's death at Kira's hands, Ezri chose to betray Kira and helped the Ferengi escape to rebel-occupied Terok Nor, where she joined the Terran Rebellion and was "debriefed" by Leeta. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")