Star Trek TNG & DS9 - Lwaxana Troi - SOLD

Lwaxana Troi was the extrovert mother (to say the less) of Deanna Troi the counselor of the Enterprise in TNG. This is one of those great character appearing from time to time giving some very interesting twists to the storyline.

Like Q it was also one of the few character to move from TNG to DS9 and the relationship between Odo and Lwaxana had its funny and deeper moments.

So I was quite tempted to go ahead in an auction and buy one without really believing my bid would be the winner... but it was for this costume.

When I got this I was amazed by the quality of the fabric and the workmanship done... but at the end shouldn't be too much a surprise as after all Majel Barrett playing Lwaxana Troy was the "First lady of Trek".

Later on I came to the decision to let go this dress as trying to focus on other props... and when I did came along my second costume from the DS9 Mirror Universe. Timing couldn't be more perfect.

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