Star Trek DS9 - Kira Nerys Mirror costume "Intendant"

The Mirror Universe in DS9 had one recurring character playing in all episodes and it's the "Intendant".

This character was the mirror of Kira Nerys played by Nana Visitor and the costume was really showcasing her at her best... if I can say so.

Unfortunately the hero version of this costume, at least one we know the whereabouts was cut in pieces to make collectible cards. So this is a stunt version but all the same for me as it's really a dream come true to be able to have this in my collection.

The Headband is an Hero version.

 About the costume it was stated "If you were to put the two uniforms together, you'd say, 'Well it's kind of a shiny gray version of the rust.' It's not that I've exposed more of her body - it's exposed pretty much the same way it always is. What's the difference? She's the difference. It's how Nana wears it. It's what she does. She walks like a provocative woman, with her legs crossing in front. She uses her hips, and a whole other kind of body English than she normally uses."

For those having seen the episodes, I don't think we can contradict that statement.

Will be adding a Bajoran combadge replica and this Alliance emblem pin to the costume to get a close look to what we can see on screen.

Waiting now to have the right display for it but in the meantime this is another costume that played in the same episode than my Ezri mirror.

Nana visitor said this about the Intendant: "It's very much me. I mean, I hope I don't send people to their deaths or anything like that, but yeah, that is more of who I am." Visitor also described the mirror Kira as "a spoiled brat with an ego gone awry." Speaking in 1999, she said, "She was interesting because she was Kira, she's got all you know, it's all the same, everything is exactly the same, except in this other world, her ego is twisted one way, whereas Kira's is twisted another. So where Kira thinks of others, and finds a justification for her life in doing things for other people, the Intendant's justification for life is in doing things for herself. She is completely the most self involved, self centered person, she's like a child in that sense, which makes her funny, but in her childish way, she cares so little for other people that she thinks nothing of disposing of them, using them, it doesn't matter, which makes her very scary."

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