Star Trek VI - Klingon "Beak Nose" Shotgun Disruptor - SOLD

This is also one of those moments where choices needs to be done.

Was really lucky to be able to buy this type of Klindon disruptor. Having one of those Beak Nose was one of my top priorities in collecting Star Trek weapons.

Now as my focus is still DS9 I was thrilled by this but for a small part is that weapon is so specific to Star Trek VI the movie as being a version never used afterwards.

If you can notice just in front of the center part before the silver barrels there is some moving part that can be used the same way shotguns are reloaded... this would explain the name of this prop.


A few months later a Klingon rifle was on sale and that was my top grail in terms of weapons, but to afford it I decided to let go this Beak Nose. So today I'm the lucky owner of a very rare Klingon disruptor rifle... but still looking for a Beak Nose.

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