Star Trek DS9 - Bareil Antos Mirror costume - Hero

In the, so called, "normal" timeline in DS9, Kira wasn't very lucky with her intimate life. Even at the end the romance story with Odo would not unfold in the most happy note.

But before Odo there was Vedek Bareil. I think it was a great character that had the same passion as Kira in him but managed to control it in a wiser way.

In the mirror universe Bareil was no Vedek which unfortunately means I would not seek to get a Vedek costume. Unfortunately as those should display greatly. Well at leat Bareil did appear in the mirror universe as the Intendant was again trying to use others feelings to her advantage. At least this time her vanity worked against her... or should I say again one more time.

 In the mirror universe, Bareil Antos is a petty thief who is close to the alternate Kira. He leaves his universe in a foiled attempt to steal an orb.

Thanks to Carolan on the Star Trek forums, I managed to get this costume to add to my collection. As you can read in my post, being part of the forums is definitely a great way to complete your collection with the exact items you desire.

A costume featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Resurrection”; wherein the “Bareil Antos” from the mirror universe arrives on the station requesting asylum but it all turns out to be a plot with the “Intendant” (Nana Visitor) to steal one of the Orbs of the Prophets. This costume is for wear by Philip Anglim in the role of the mirror version of “Bareil Antos”, and is a long-sleeved, brown, suede, jacket featuring a wrap around flap, and brown, overall-style trousers with broken stripes in darker shades of brown, and stirrups for the feet. The costumer's tag reads ‘DS9 #532, Shakaar, Duncan Regher’ but the costume was actually worn by Philip Anglim in this episode.

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