Star Trek DS9 - Ezri Tigan - Mirror Universe

Seriously I was trying to avoid starting collecting costumes and uniforms. The main attraction to do it of course is that those are magnificent on display and attracts more discussion than props. Mostly I guess it's that people can relate to clothes easily while ray guns and other tricorders might not give the same feel to non-trekkies.

Nichole De Boer who plays Ezri Dax in DS9, is an actress I quite like for what she did in Dead Zone as well. The mirror universe had some silly stories but somehow I found those episodes fun to see. The "Intendant" is a great character,  there was a Ferengi killed in every episode, no-one was who it should be and even Rom was wondering if Gul Dukat would be the president of the Federation in this weird universe.

So when I saw this Ezri mirror costume for sale, I had to buy it... and I thought "Well that's it, I have one" and it would stop there... well big mistake. It didn't.


A costume featured in the Star Trek: DS9 Star Trek: DS9 episode “The Emperors New Cloak” for wear by Nichole De Boer during her portrayal of “Ezri Dax”. 

The costume is black leather trousers with braided string accents down the outside seams, a short sleeved suede shirt, and a cropped black leather jacket with faux reptile skin pattern. The costume also comes with black leather zip front boots, a leather belt with metal studs affixed all around and a black nylon sheath with black leather accents, and a second belt made from black leather strips woven to appear as chain link with a molded resin holster. 

The costume pieces feature affixed Deep Space Nine tags reading ‘Nichole De Boer' and the costumer’s tag reads ‘#562 DS9, Emperor’s New Cloak, Ezri Dax, Nichole De Boer’ and lists the components.

Took me some time to find a way to display it and I hoped to achieve some likeness with the character so I needed to turn a teenage mannequin into a Trill.

 Ezri Tigan was an unjoined Trill mercenary who along with Brunt frequently worked for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Ezri had a sexual relationship with Intendant Kira Nerys, who in 2375 selected Ezri to cross over into another universe on a mission to blackmail Quark and Rom into stealing a Klingon cloaking device and smuggling it into the mirror universe. This mission was successful; however Rom subsequently sabotaged the cloaking device, providing the Terran rebels with an opportunity to force the surrender of Regent Worf. Following Brunt's death at Kira's hands, Ezri chose to betray Kira and helped the Ferengi escape to rebel-occupied Terok Nor, where she joined the Terran Rebellion and was "debriefed" by Leeta. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

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