Star Trek DS9 - Bajoran Earring - SOLD

Of course DS9 is also all about Bajor. This is also something peculiar to a Star Trek serie, the fact that a lot of the action is around the same place or should I say planet.

Therfore as one of the typical item Bajorans wear is an earring, I needed to have one on display and thanks to Jim Williams (aka Thot Pran) on the Star Trek forums I manage to get my first one. Since then Jim has been one of me repeating prop provider and he has as beautiful collection I really urge anyone interested to see on his Niners Paradise blog.

At the time I remember trying to negotiate him out of the Leeta and Rom earrings but he had second thoughts which is normal as it's a great pair to have in a DS9 collection. Since then he made my day on other items that I will describe in a coming post.

I tried to keep some uniformity in the display with the Romulan Bandolier pin and Insignia.

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