Star Trek DS9 - Ferengi Altar Replicas

Since seeing a post in the Star Trek forum Everyday items made into props, I thought of doing a replicas for myself.

The first part was to go on Ebay and find this prop which isn't produced for quite some time but amazingly there is still quite a few for sale.


Official Star Trek Next Generation Ferengi Saving Bank

Then the idea would be to paint it in Gold and get some Latinum Bricks to create the display you can see below.

Finding a good paint in spray was fairly easy, and painting it was too. Nothing difficult to do it right once you understand it's not needed to do it all at once. Just spray one coat at a time and touch back where you miss a spot later on. Overdoing it at once will just make the paint to leak which isn't good.

Then to find someone creating replicas of Latinum Bricks and "voila", you can have your own Ferengi Altar at home.

Still looking at getting 3 more bricks later on but in the meantime wondering if I could do 3 of those using wood to make it cheaper as the one below don't need to be of good quality to get the overall idea.

This was fun to do.

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