Star Trek DS9 - Cult of the Pah-Wraiths - Earring and Armband - SOLD

DS9 wouldn't be DS9 without the Prophets and their Nemesis the Pah-Wraiths and DS9 wouldn't be DS9 without Gul Dukat either.

So owning something from the Cult of the Pah-Wraiths was also welcome and what more specific Bajoran than one of their famous earring or should I say infamous in this case.

Star Trek TNG & DS9 - Ferengis phaser

With DS9 I really started to like things Ferengis and was actively looking for a Ferengis phaser and a Ferengis PADD. Still looking for the PADD but at least a phaser is now on display.

Always trying to blend some props together for display I added some Latinum slips and bars to it which could be a typical Ferengis philosophy... anything to get Latinum.

The Ferengi phaser was a type of phaser classified as a plasma weapon used by the Ferengi which fired a forced plasma beam. (TNG: "Descent")

In 2369, the Rakhari criminal Croden used a Ferengi phaser when he went into holosuite one to steal a valuable egg item from the two Miradorns Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel. Constable Odo later mentioned that it was curious he used such a weapon and suggested Quark behind this. (DS9: "Vortex") 

Ferengi phaser constructed of cast resin, painted brown with additional color accents and an aluminum emitter tip. First seen in the TNG episode, “Menage a Troi.” 

Also seen in subsequent TNG episodes, “Rascals” and “Bloodlines,” as well as the DS9 episode, “Vortex.”  

Measures 6 in long.

Star Trek: TNG - Assassin's Blade - SOLD

Klingons have great costumes, disruptors and blades. Who wouldn't want to get a Bat'leth, a D'k tahg or a Mek'leth.

Well not sure how this is called but it's a very nice knife featured in the Star Trek The Next Generation episode Sins of the Father wherein Lieutenant Worf travels to the Klingon home world with his brother to answer for charges against his late father. This weapon was used by an unnamed Klingon warrior in an attempt upon Captain Picard's life.

It has a long brown handle featuring a textured, wrinkled design, gold colored accents, two tiny little spikes radiating out at opposite angles from the base of the blade, and a thin, retractable, metal blade.

To make a more complete display I added a Klingon emblem I got on a IAW auction previously as well as a symbol usually found on Klingon uniforms.

Star Trek: TNG - Post Atomic Badge and Drug Dispenser - SOLD

The first episode of TNG was... and still is "Encounter at Far Point".

It was written by series creator Gene Roddenberry and directed by Corey Allen.

The episode premièred on 28 September, 1987 and was the first new live-action episode of Star Trek to have been created since 1969.

The crew of the newly built USS Enterprise-D examine the mysterious Farpoint Station which the enigmatic Bandi people are offering to the Federation, while under the judgmental gaze of a powerful alien entity that calls itself Q. Q declares that humanity is being put on trial, using their actions in this upcoming mission to judge their worthiness and to avoid extermination.

Q uses 21st century military depicted in this episode to make the point of humanity barbaric military past that resorted to drug addiction to keep its troops in line during the Third World War, a conflict frequently alluded to in various Star Trek series, but never seen.

Post Atomic Badge:

A silver colored cast metal Illuminati- style badge with wire fasteners. The badge is triangular in shape with a crest across the top and a pyramidal eye molded onto the center.

Drug Dispenser:

The drug dispenser is a tan colored cast resin prop with painted details and a penned on ARMY, R2-D3PO-D. 

Then it just needed an appropriate display and "voila"...

Star Trek DS9 - Phasers display

Luckily, from time to time, there are auctions where you can find some great props. During the Star Trek "Profile in History" auction there was a lot of great weapons sold and managed to get my hands on a Cardassian disruptor, a Ferengi handphaser and a Vidiian bio-probe.

Then I thought about displaying a few weapons together and it took me quite a while to get a Federation phaser and a Jem'Hadar disruptor. Was hoping to add a Klingon disruptor but those are even harder to come by with.

At the end glad to have done it with 3 phasers only as it displays very well without being too big.

Jem'Hadar pistol: 

This cast resin gun with vacuum formed hood was first seen in the ST:DS9 episode titled "The Jem'Hadar". Disruptor bursts from Jem'Hadar soldiers left anti-coagulants in the systems of those attacked by such a weapon, usually causing their victims to suffer and die from the loss of blood.

After it had been established as the Jem'Hadar weapon, it was also used as a "mirror universe" weapon in the DS9 episode titled "Through the Looking Glass". In "Shattered Mirror" it was used by The Intendant (Nana Visitor), Major Kira Nerys' mirror universe character.

Cardassian disruptor:

Cast resin handheld pistol painted gold, red and grey. Used in multiple episodes of the TNG, Voyager, and in particularly, DS9 (as the Cardassians are major players in the politics of the region) series.

Federation "Boomerang" phaser: 

After the "Dustbuster" phaser which lasted 1 season on TNG, the main Federation type 2 phaser was the "Cobrahead" phaser. Used in TNG and DS9 before being replaced by the "Boomerang" version.

This one is a silver and black painted hero non-illuminating resin with color accents. Comes with a leather holster.

Star Trek DS9 - Bajoran phaser rifle

Continuing the collection of phasers and disruptors and more specifically in DS9, you need some Bajoran weapons as they are very specific and personally I find them great on display.

Very fortunate to get this as those are not easy to get.

The Bajoran phaser rifle was a firearm used by the Bajoran Militia.

Bajoran troopers were armed with these phaser rifles when tracking Shakaar Edon and supporters of the Shakaar resistance cell in the Dahkur Hills. (DS9: "Shakaar")

Bajoran phaser rifles were used by Odo's security deputies when the Klingons invaded station Deep Space 9. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

Star Trek DS9 - Romulan Rifle

One of the interesting spin-off from DS9 is how they changed the way we view the Ferengis. They were first introduced in TNG to replace the Klingons as the main enemy of the Federation. Well it didn't really turn out as such with most thinking the idea ridiculous. Nonetheless they kept appearing in a few TNG episodes.

Then in DS9 Ferengis came to be a bigger part of the show with Quark the bartender, Rom his brother and Nog the annoying kid... well at first at least. Pretty sure a lot of us thought at first... "What the heck!!!" but then as it turned out I came to really like the Ferengis in DS9.

They had their moments, sometimes great,  in episodes like: "The House of Quark", "The Magnificent Ferengi", "The Assignment",...

This is the reason I decided to display this Romulan rifle in memory of the episode "The Magnificent Ferengi" where a bunch of Ferengis used those to oppose the Dominion... well a small part of the Dominion anyway.

Star Trek: TNG - Lore's (Brent Spiner) SFX Thumb - SOLD

This is another of those "opportunities" I couldn't really resist. This very nice props is not only build with lights that are still in working condition but it clearly Screenused for a very specific scene and full recognizable. Even if now my focus is more DS9 I'm very happy to own this prop.

 Lore's prop thumb used in the Star Trek Next Generation episode ‘Brothers’. Lore (Brent Spiner) opens his right thumbnail in the fourth series episode "Brothers" when Dr Soong accidently implants a chip in to the wrong brother, Lore opens the thumbnail, presses the button in the middle and the little LCD lights begin to glow; thereby, he activates the transporter in his ship and is beamed away. The thumb is made of an inner layer of fibreglass with a rubber ‘skin’ layer which has line details and has been painted with the golden sheen the brother have, the thumbnail can be lifted up and the inner light is powered by a 9v battery which can be hidden in the palm when the thumb is worn.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Ceti Eel Foam Castings

Owning a TOS prop is a dream I'm still pursuing, and as you can imagine to find a great one doesn't come cheap.

The closest thing is to own a TOS movie prop, those aren't really prop used on screen as they are just a castings but who doesn't remember the Ceti Eel scene.

Here I could get two castings and decided to have Tom Spina doing a full painting of one and keep the other one "raw". Quite happy on how those 2 display.

These are foam castings of the Ceti Eel creature that were custom made for the production, however these particular pieces were not painted and used on screen. 

The creatures can be seen in the beginning of the film when Chekov (Walter Koenig) and Capt. Terrell (Paul Winifield) are captured by Khan (Richardo Montalban) on Ceti Alpha V. 

They are made of beige colored foam, measuring about 10" long. 

The excess foam along the bottom seam has not been removed (at least before I decided to have one painted.

Star Trek TNG - Romulan Bandolier Pin and Insignia - SOLD

From all the bad guys in Star Trek, Klingons might be the most well known but next to them are the Romulans. Always very tempted to get my hands on a uniform from both races but at that time the idea of displaying a costume was not seen as practical for various reasons. And as my priority is to display my collection I didn't feel like having those in a closet just in case I could display them later on.

So the next best thing was collecting smaller but quite recognizable props.

The top one is a bandolier pin:

This was custom made and used for filming of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Made of resin and measuring about 3.5" wide with two straight pins fixed to the back for attaching to the bandolier. A small section of the left tip is missing.

The bottom one is a costume insignia:

This Romulan costume insignia was custom made and used for filming of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Made of resin and featuring Romulan writing, this insignia attached to forearm wrap using Velcro.

Took me a while to get an idea on how to display those. I decided on side by side in a frame after framing the Quark Dabo chip I bought later on.

Star Trek DS9 - Delta Isotope Injector Device - SOLD

When I saw this on sale on Screenused, it was a done deal. Had to have it.

First of all it had lights but it was matched on screen in a very specific episode that I was quite found of. One of the lights needed to be replaced but no issue and now it's a very nice item on display.

This style prop Delta Isotope Administering Device was used on "Miles O'Brien" (Colm Meaney) to administer Delta isotopes in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Visionary". The device administered the exact amount of isotopes to send O'Brien three hours into the future so he can learn what's happening to him. 

The device has a silver and taupe painted resin front with three blue lights (only one still works) and one red flashing LED light activated by a switch on the top.Gold paint and gold and silver colored applications are added for detail. The painted silver arms are made of rubber for flexibility to attach around O'Brien's arm. The backing is foam rubber that covers the screwed on battery compartment.

Then it just needed a display case.

Star Fleet Medical Cadesus and Patch - SOLD

Of course from Baseball patches to a Starfleet Medical patch and then it's complementary Cadesus there wasn't far to go.

Still being modest in my first steps at collecting props... but it wouldn't stay that way very long anymore.

The fun part was also designing those 2 frames and I was very lucky to have a vendor that would find it very interesting to do. Seems along the way of collecting great Star Trek props you find great people as well. Isn't it the Star Trek spirit at work?

Star Trek DS9 - Take Me Out to the Holosuite - Patches - SOLD

To follow up on the DS9 baseball theme, I couldn't resist to bid on an IAW auction for a Niner and a Logician costume patch.

I thought it was no biggie but what a mistake... from that time I was hooked on buying props and there was of course always something else to buy.

Anyway for those 2 patches I thought of framing them in a nice display and hopefully succeeded at it.

My first Star Trek prop

Took me a while to enter the Star Trek props collecting world.

At the beginning I had no clue it was possible to own a part of Star Trek history, not only that it could be affordable.

Then I decided to take the plunge in the form of a PADD and I was hooked.


This PADD was interesting as showing as it has a lenticular picture in the top section depicting a baseball player (Barry Bonds) swinging at a baseball. When the PADD is moved up and down, the movement can be seen.

This picture is not glued into place, but placed in the indentation in order to be held in place. When removed, you can see another detailed panel with typical Star Trek graphics, labeled "Duty Schedule".

Of course I couldn't resist to associate this PADD to DS9 and the famous "Take me out to the Holosuite" episode.