Star Trek DS9 - Phasers display

Luckily, from time to time, there are auctions where you can find some great props. During the Star Trek "Profile in History" auction there was a lot of great weapons sold and managed to get my hands on a Cardassian disruptor, a Ferengi handphaser and a Vidiian bio-probe.

Then I thought about displaying a few weapons together and it took me quite a while to get a Federation phaser and a Jem'Hadar disruptor. Was hoping to add a Klingon disruptor but those are even harder to come by with.

At the end glad to have done it with 3 phasers only as it displays very well without being too big.

Jem'Hadar pistol: 

This cast resin gun with vacuum formed hood was first seen in the ST:DS9 episode titled "The Jem'Hadar". Disruptor bursts from Jem'Hadar soldiers left anti-coagulants in the systems of those attacked by such a weapon, usually causing their victims to suffer and die from the loss of blood.

After it had been established as the Jem'Hadar weapon, it was also used as a "mirror universe" weapon in the DS9 episode titled "Through the Looking Glass". In "Shattered Mirror" it was used by The Intendant (Nana Visitor), Major Kira Nerys' mirror universe character.

Cardassian disruptor:

Cast resin handheld pistol painted gold, red and grey. Used in multiple episodes of the TNG, Voyager, and in particularly, DS9 (as the Cardassians are major players in the politics of the region) series.

Federation "Boomerang" phaser: 

After the "Dustbuster" phaser which lasted 1 season on TNG, the main Federation type 2 phaser was the "Cobrahead" phaser. Used in TNG and DS9 before being replaced by the "Boomerang" version.

This one is a silver and black painted hero non-illuminating resin with color accents. Comes with a leather holster.

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