Star Trek DS9 - Delta Isotope Injector Device - SOLD

When I saw this on sale on Screenused, it was a done deal. Had to have it.

First of all it had lights but it was matched on screen in a very specific episode that I was quite found of. One of the lights needed to be replaced but no issue and now it's a very nice item on display.

This style prop Delta Isotope Administering Device was used on "Miles O'Brien" (Colm Meaney) to administer Delta isotopes in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Visionary". The device administered the exact amount of isotopes to send O'Brien three hours into the future so he can learn what's happening to him. 

The device has a silver and taupe painted resin front with three blue lights (only one still works) and one red flashing LED light activated by a switch on the top.Gold paint and gold and silver colored applications are added for detail. The painted silver arms are made of rubber for flexibility to attach around O'Brien's arm. The backing is foam rubber that covers the screwed on battery compartment.

Then it just needed a display case.

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