Star Trek: TNG - Post Atomic Badge and Drug Dispenser - SOLD

The first episode of TNG was... and still is "Encounter at Far Point".

It was written by series creator Gene Roddenberry and directed by Corey Allen.

The episode premièred on 28 September, 1987 and was the first new live-action episode of Star Trek to have been created since 1969.

The crew of the newly built USS Enterprise-D examine the mysterious Farpoint Station which the enigmatic Bandi people are offering to the Federation, while under the judgmental gaze of a powerful alien entity that calls itself Q. Q declares that humanity is being put on trial, using their actions in this upcoming mission to judge their worthiness and to avoid extermination.

Q uses 21st century military depicted in this episode to make the point of humanity barbaric military past that resorted to drug addiction to keep its troops in line during the Third World War, a conflict frequently alluded to in various Star Trek series, but never seen.

Post Atomic Badge:

A silver colored cast metal Illuminati- style badge with wire fasteners. The badge is triangular in shape with a crest across the top and a pyramidal eye molded onto the center.

Drug Dispenser:

The drug dispenser is a tan colored cast resin prop with painted details and a penned on ARMY, R2-D3PO-D. 

Then it just needed an appropriate display and "voila"...

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