Star Trek: TNG - Assassin's Blade - SOLD

Klingons have great costumes, disruptors and blades. Who wouldn't want to get a Bat'leth, a D'k tahg or a Mek'leth.

Well not sure how this is called but it's a very nice knife featured in the Star Trek The Next Generation episode Sins of the Father wherein Lieutenant Worf travels to the Klingon home world with his brother to answer for charges against his late father. This weapon was used by an unnamed Klingon warrior in an attempt upon Captain Picard's life.

It has a long brown handle featuring a textured, wrinkled design, gold colored accents, two tiny little spikes radiating out at opposite angles from the base of the blade, and a thin, retractable, metal blade.

To make a more complete display I added a Klingon emblem I got on a IAW auction previously as well as a symbol usually found on Klingon uniforms.

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