Star Trek: TNG - Lore's (Brent Spiner) SFX Thumb - SOLD

This is another of those "opportunities" I couldn't really resist. This very nice props is not only build with lights that are still in working condition but it clearly Screenused for a very specific scene and full recognizable. Even if now my focus is more DS9 I'm very happy to own this prop.

 Lore's prop thumb used in the Star Trek Next Generation episode ‘Brothers’. Lore (Brent Spiner) opens his right thumbnail in the fourth series episode "Brothers" when Dr Soong accidently implants a chip in to the wrong brother, Lore opens the thumbnail, presses the button in the middle and the little LCD lights begin to glow; thereby, he activates the transporter in his ship and is beamed away. The thumb is made of an inner layer of fibreglass with a rubber ‘skin’ layer which has line details and has been painted with the golden sheen the brother have, the thumbnail can be lifted up and the inner light is powered by a 9v battery which can be hidden in the palm when the thumb is worn.

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