Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Ceti Eel Foam Castings

Owning a TOS prop is a dream I'm still pursuing, and as you can imagine to find a great one doesn't come cheap.

The closest thing is to own a TOS movie prop, those aren't really prop used on screen as they are just a castings but who doesn't remember the Ceti Eel scene.

Here I could get two castings and decided to have Tom Spina doing a full painting of one and keep the other one "raw". Quite happy on how those 2 display.

These are foam castings of the Ceti Eel creature that were custom made for the production, however these particular pieces were not painted and used on screen. 

The creatures can be seen in the beginning of the film when Chekov (Walter Koenig) and Capt. Terrell (Paul Winifield) are captured by Khan (Richardo Montalban) on Ceti Alpha V. 

They are made of beige colored foam, measuring about 10" long. 

The excess foam along the bottom seam has not been removed (at least before I decided to have one painted.

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