Brunt phaser - Mirror Universe

Since I bought the Brunt Mirror Universe costume I always have this feel to fill the holster pertaining to this costume.

It's really hard to have a clear view of the weapon style used by Brunt as a hand phaser because he never uses it.

Now from a few screenshot the phaser looked green, really not easy to pinpoint but it's on the right of the plate Brunt is holding in the SS below.    I said to look on the right!!! Not to do like Quark.

Also the handle looks curved and the only curved green phaser I know of is this one.

As this weapon style is also known as a Ferengi hand phaser it was a good bet.

Next step was to match it to the holster and it's also a perfect match as you can see below.

That wasn't hard to figure out at the hand but always nice when it can be done and now my display is almost complete. Just need to find a knife to add to the knife sheath.

Tuvok - Mirror Universe Outfit

As at this point I truly try to keep a focus in collecting new props from Star Trek and this with the DS9 - Mirror Universe.

There are only 5 episodes in DS9 that's relates to the Mirror Universe but it already gives a lot of possibilities to collect. Between costumes that are specific to that universe but also Starfleet uniform or other costumes for those from the normal universe visiting their mirror counterparts. Then there are weapons as well as other padd and tricorders.

At least it gives me a reason to be happy to let other props pass without trying to buy those. Just need to think it doesn't fit my focus.

Tuvok is an interesting case as he does appear in DS9 Mirror Universe episode "Through the Looking Glass".

He is the only character from Voyager appearing in DS9 Mirror Universe besides "the Doctor" from Voyager which in fact was Doctor Lewis Zimmerman the creator of the EMH.

Thanks to Alec Peters I know own the Tuvok mirror costume and very happy to own this oddity of being a crossover between Voyager and DS9

Cardassian Rifle

Since I somehow moved slowly to focus on "DS9 - Mirror Universe" I also tried to collect weapons that had only also a presence in the Mirror Universe.

Luckily it's the case for one of the most beautiful rifle, being the Cardassian one, and one was used on screen by a favorite of mine: Garak.

This one was sold by Screenused during their first auction last July and has seen better days but it's still a great looking piece as you can see and it makes a great display: