Star Trek DS9 - Leeta Mirror costume - Hero

Somehow I should do one entry instead of two for the Leeta costume and the Intendant one as the stories behind me adding those to my collection are linked as one.

After getting the Nog and the Bashir mirror, I mentioned on the forums my desire to get the Leeta costume but somehow I really had no clue besides doing an appeal on how to find this costume. Well Jim thought maybe he could as he said he would look into it.

In the meantime he also somehow posted a tease about starting "heavy negotiations" about the Intendant if I would ever be interested in adding it to my collection. "Interested"... the word wasn't strong enough as never thought it was a possibility. Seems never say never and after some emails... I wouldn't call it negotiations... we had a deal.

So what about Leeta as it's a post about her costume...  well in the emails series, Jim just told me out of the blue that he did found the Leeta mirror and it was available if I wanted. At the end I got those 2 costumes just after Christmas 2011. Very happy.

Of course it goes well with my Ezri Mirror. 
Can't wait to have a chance to display those side by side.

Leeta was a Bajoran working with the rebels on Terok Nor. "Smiley" O'Brien instructed her to "debrief" Ezri Tigan, following the Terran Rebellion's defeat of Regent Worf, which Leeta apparently took literally. When Rom told her "We're married!", she gave him a disgusted look and sneered, "I don't think so...!". Like Ezri and the Intendant, Leeta seemed to prefer female companionship. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

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