Star Trek DS9 - Mirror Universe - Ezri Tigan armed and ready

Ezri Tigan Mirror Universe is my first costume from DS9 and it totally hooked me up collecting costumes.

I really love the way it display but sometimes I'm looking too much at details and if I'm very happy this costume comes with holsters, I'm also eager to fill them in with their proper weapon.

Did look a bit around for the type of knife she used on screen but it's not easy to find anything similar.

For the gun on the contrary I did know exactly what to look for... and found it but it wasn't the same paint scheme than the one used by Ezri in the "Emperor's New Cloak" episode.

Well short of repainting an original prop, I did the next best thing and find a way to have a replica of it.

Here is the end result. Very happy about, it has a nice weight in hand and could be used for fun as well not being a real prop.

  The gun fits the holster perfectly and at last I have the costume with all its equipment on display

                                                                                                                                This is the costume with the gun displayed, think it looks very neat.

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