Star Trek DS9 - Brunt Mirror costume - Hero

For any fan of DS9 Brunt was the liquidator for the FCA (Ferengi Commerce Authority). In the DS9 storyline he would be considered as a bad guy but in the mirror universe he was a good guy... which was puzzling Rom quite a bit.

Brunt was also one of the nine characters played by Jeffrey Combs.

Jeffrey Alan Combs (born 9 September 1954; age 57) is an actor who has the distinction of portraying nine different characters on Star Trek, most notably those of Brunt and Weyoun on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Andorian Shran on Star Trek: Enterprise. He is one of only five actors to play seven or more different characters in the Star Trek franchise, the others being Randy Oglesby, J.G. Hertzler, Vaughn Armstrong and Thomas Kopache. Coincidentally, Combs has appeared on Star Trek with all four of those actors.

Brunt being the partner of Ezri Tigan in "The Emperor's New Cloak" Episode, I always wanted to reunite those 2 costumes on display as much as I wanted the Leeta's one. Brunt is also the 4th Ferengi and the last one to be killed on screen, this time by the Intendant. I do wonder if they would come with another Mirror Universe which Ferengi they would have found to kill??? there wasn't many left.

Brunt was a Ferengi mercenary who along with Ezri Tigan frequently worked for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, even though Brunt's sympathy was with the Terran Rebellion

In 2375, Brunt's ship was used to deliver a stolen cloaking device from the primary universe to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. The cloaking device was later sabotaged, providing the Terran rebels with an opportunity to force the surrender of Regent Worf

Brunt was in love with Ezri Tigan. She did not return his feelings, but he thought she was his very close friend and she admired his skill as an engineer. 

During the incident, Brunt was murdered by Intendant Kira when she suspected him of betrayal. (DS9: "The Emperor's New Cloak")

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