Expanding my balls... collection.

A few years back I got into buying some baseballs signed by the Star Trek captains like Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Scott Bakula. Then got a chance to buy one signed by George Takei, then another by Colm Meaney,...

Lately thanks to David (USS Endeav in the Star Trek forums) I got quite a few balls last year and 12 new ones this year raising my collection to 30 signed baseballs.

- 7 from TOS with 6 from the main characters with the exception of DeForest Kelley. Then got the chance to get Khan which is for me The villain to remember from TOS.

- 8 from the TNG crew including Guinan and Q. Missing Tasha Yar and Wesley Crusher if looking for completeness. Worf and O'Brien are shown in the DS9 part as being my favorite series.

- 11 from DS9 and this will keep expanding as there are some major recurring characters still missing. Like Gul Dukat (can't do without him as being central as the main villain), Dr Bashir, Jadzia and Ezri Dax then could add a few others like Jake, Keiko, Vic Fontaine, Gowron, Kai Winn, Damar, Vedek Bareil,... but not an absolute necessity.

- Not being a fan of Voyager which I guess was too much like TNG in a different Quadrant but not being TNG, I didn't collect any signed baseballs for this series. Always thought of having at least the Captain but now that I have many from each series it doesn't make sense either. At last lack of display space means I will never start this one.

- still having 4 from Enterprise with Captain Archer, T'Pol, Trip and Reed. Would only need 3 more (Sato, Travis and Dr. Phlox) to get a complete crew but again a lack of display space would render that exercise useless for the moment. Still maybe will do so as I'm sort of quite fond of the Enterprise series. I don't quite like the War from the Future story arc with the Xindi but love the intrigue between Vulcans, Andorians and the Tellarites. The Start of the Federation and the Romulan War would have been a great Season 5 which didn't materialize unfortunately.

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