Grand Nagus Cane - Unpainted

This is one of those objects that you are delighted to find when you didn't expect it anymore but not giving you fully what you did want.

Always thought that a Grand Nagus Cane would do a great display but of course that was thinking of a painted one.

Now finding one even unpainted is not common enough to be ignored so had to buy this and see.

Of course I'm torn between displaying it as is and having it painted to match what we saw on screen.

In the meantime some pics of it:

From some comments I got on the Star Trek forums, it seems most likely this to be a replicas made from molds created by Icons.

If so then it's not a prop production made but still a beautiful item to hold and it makes it easier for me to decide to paint it for display. Most likely to happen now that I have that info.


Well the cane is now painted.


Next step is to create a base to display it.

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