Bashir (Hero) - Terran resistance - DS9 Mirror Universe

Quite some time ago, had the opportunity to buy the Bashir Mirror Universe costume. Even though it was "just" a stunt one, I was very happy to display it as Bashir had quite a role along the few Mirror Universe episodes.

Then later on the Hero went for sale at Propstore and unfortunately, being during my night, I couldn't snatch it before someone else did. A bit disappointed as it was the Hero of course but it also had the holster which I was missing but not the boots. Somehow those must have been misplaced as they were sold at IAW with both costumes unless it was another IAW issue. Will never know.

Afterwards the buyer decided to sell back this costume on Ebay but at that time was a bit expensive for my taste as the seller was adding the cost of boots replicas he did made for the costume.

I was still in contact with the buyer on and off... well mostly on from me and off from him but at least I did know where the costume was. I was still thinking strongly on switching for the Hero costume but had to get my finance in order first as we were buying a house and doing renovations at that time.

Was almost ready to do the jump when I got the opportunity to buy it from another source that was giving me the favor to get it knowing I was collecting those. Without this help, that costume might have disappeared and I would have kicked myself for not moving faster.

Strange how life can give those twists from time to time.

So here is the Hero with the holster:

The Holster is a perfect fit for a Ferengi handphaser (white version) which I'm lucky to have as well.

   Those are the missing boots which I will replace with the stunt ones.

Next step is to sell back the stunt costume with the boots replicas to recover part of the investment.

If it doesn't work out, then I even think of keeping the stunt to wear when finally I would have the chance to go to a Star Trek Las Vegas con.

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