DS9 - Mirror Universe Costumes

Took me quite a while to find mannequins that I could use to display the Ferengi Headdress and come with 2 rods for the legs.

Unless a costume comes with boots/shoes I find it better to have rods in place of mannequin legs.

All those costumes are part of the DS9 Mirror Universe Episodes besides the Klingon Uniform and Leck The Eliminator.

Indeed, Tuvok did play a minor role in a DS9 Episode from the Mirror Universe - Season 3 Episode 19 - "Through the Looking Glass"

Missed 2 costumes in auctions, Odo and Garak, and still looking for Vic Fontaine and Quark as major character with a specific Mirror Universe costume.

On a side note, happy to have found Vic Fontaine guns at least.

On a side note, wouldn't mind finding the costume used by Jake Sisko when visiting his "Mirror" mother, Jennifer Sisko “Through the Looking Glass” costume and the Intendant Purple Dress from "Crossover".

Still finding myself very lucky to have been able to get all those so far.

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