Klingon Banner(s)

As for many of collectors, I appreciate Klingon props and would love to have a few of those.

Of course as everything that many wants, well prices tend to keep some out of reach.

So when I saw those 2 banners being auctionned at Screenused this July 2013, I had the hope they would be within my reach. Those come from Lyn's collection, a great lady from the Star Trek forums.

The first one is a red and black banner with some Klingon writings.

The second one is a narrow but long yellow one with a Klingon insignia.

At first I wasn't very interested in the second one but then when I saw this pic from Lyn's collection I thought that just maybe I could do the same even if the first one was a bit different.

And I'm so happy to have been right on this one. It will make a great display once I have set this up on the staircase wall of our new house. You could think they were made for each other.

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