Q-Less Boxing Outfits - SOLD

Q-Less is the 7th episode of the first season for Deep Space Nine.

Q is a character I was very fond with in TNG and would never forget Vash and Picard duo as well.

Here Q and Vash are teaming up to bring some trouble in DS9.

Sisko not taking Q's presence very well become quite upset to the pleasure of Q always happy to bring more troubles.

This exact "boxing" moment of this episode can be summarized as such:

"Entertained and seeking to further antagonize Sisko, Q suggests they settle the matter man-to-man. 

Temporarily transforming Quark's Bar into a boxing arena, he begins bouncing about Sisko and landing blows. 

 Humorously, Quark and Vash wager on the sideline. Q keeps insisting that his opponent fight back, ultimately an annoyed Sisko knocks him down

Upon being struck to the ground a seeming bewildered Q says, 

"You hit me. Picard never hit me."; Sisko answers, "I'm not Picard.

Q is very pleased to find a command-level Starfleet officer who is easier to provoke than the USS Enterprise-D's captain, and he vanishes in a flash."

Following the Screenused auction of July 2013 I was very lucky to manage to get those 2 outfits.

Not only it would be my first Q and Sisko outfit (even though only the sash of Q is an hero and the rest a stunt outfit) but it comes from one of the scene that amused me the most in the first season of DS9.

At last I have to thank Lyn from the Star Trek forums for giving us a great auction as most of the Star Trek items were coming from her collection.

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