Vash and Sisko waiting for Q - SOLD

Some time ago, I was lucky to win the Sisko and Q Boxing Outfit at a Screenused auction.

Not only I always wondered where those costumes went but I never thought I could be also add the Vash costume from the same episode.

Vash was a great character in TNG (not only for notoriously kissing Jean Luc) and Q was one of my favorite as well.

I believe it was mostly their only appearance in DS9 so I'm happy to see their costumes in my collection.

Lacking floor space to get full size mannequin for display, I decided to sell some parts of my collection to get some shelf display space and use half size mannequin for the display.

So unfortunately we can't see most of the legs but I think those still display quite nicely. For Q I'm pending delivery of another mannequin same style as Sisko.

For Vash it was another matter as she is very very slim. I bought one small size mannequin and the top couldn't fit at all. As the zip is in front I couldn't even cheat by holding the back some other way. Luckily the vendor found a very small bust and I added a bottom to complete the display. Overall it still look ok.

With my Sideshow Endoskeleton in case anyone got any strange idea to come close to those.

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