New Display room - Phase 2

Well this is after one more weekend, finally having the time to buy 2 new form mannequin and a full size.

Was planning to use the form mannequins for the Bashir and Tuvok heroes but strangely enough the Bashir didn't fit at all. Was displaying very poorly on it.

So I took the Bashir stunt out of the half torso it was displayed on and changed for the hero to notice that Alexander Siddig and his stunt haven't quite the same size.

The stunt needed to be held on the half torso or it would fall down (especially the pants of course) but the hero is just staying in place nicely as is.

So change of plan, I put the Rom on the form mannequin instead.

The next step was to display my Klingon uniform on the full size mannequin. Everything went easy enough but for the boots. I could have tried to force them in place but then I was wondering how in hell I would ever be able to remove them later on.

Once displayed you can see how tall those badass Klingons are standing. Especially side by side with Ezri and the Intendant.

So took the only option I saw and saw off the feets of the mannequin. Then it was easy enough. Just did put the feet first inside, then slided the legs in.

I bought this full size mannequin as it seems looking like a guard standing on duty:

The second level of the display for lighter costumes on display:

All together:


Still in need to display the Nog and Bareil heroes, which I will do on each side wall at the second level. Just will put a hook on the wall and display the 2 costumes on half torso mannequins.

At last you can also see my signed baseballs on display with the costumes for the DS9 show and on my cabinets for TNG.

Waiting for a Klingon rifle, 2 more phasers display then Bashir's gun to put in the costume holster and my collection will be fully displayed.

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